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What does every dapper person in every city have in common? They Google “a good barbershop” before moving there. Finding a good barbershop is SO much more than “how do their cuts look?” Have you ever walked into a barbershop and/or salon and something felt off?  Maybe it was the decor. Maybe the music. Maybe it was the smell. Maybe it was the 20 eyes of judgement as you walk through the door.

Owner Georgette Watje is that 40-something, lesbian barber who opened her first shop in her garage during a Quarantine. How the hell did she get here? Born in Western MD, Georgette became an adult in Baltimore. She found her love for the outdoors in Colorado. Now in Tacoma, she has the best of all of those previous worlds combined. And she Googled “a good barbershop” before moving to each one.

The Barber Collective is a space where the focus is you and your hair. What do you want your hair to say about you? Georgette wants to help you tell that story. Does she want you to leave feeling dapper AF and eager to tag TBC in a selfie? Of course. But more than anything, Georgette wants you walking out the door feeling great and eager to pass the love forward.  

The Grit City of Destiny — lets get your head right.

The TBC Crew

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Georgette watje


Owner of The Barber Collective in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood, Georgette has made a name for herself in hairstyling with her inclusive approach. After 9 years in social work and 3 years in logistics, Georgette opened The Barber Collective in 2020 to provide a welcoming space for all. The shop celebrates all haircuts, regardless of gender. Georgette’s belief that “hair is genderless” has resonated with clients who appreciate the freedom to express themselves.

Georgette’s background as a social worker shapes her commitment to inclusivity and creating a safe space. During the pandemic, she transformed her garage into a barbershop, adapting to challenges. Her story and dedication have redefined the barbershop experience and connected with the Tacoma community. Georgette also supports local establishments like Campfire Coffee, Bar Rosa, and The Tshirt Men. Her journey from social work to a gender-inclusive barbershop showcases her resilience, innovation, and commitment to empowering individuals through hairstyling.



Nae’s name is Naomi, but the cool kids call them Nae. They’re a queer stylist here in Tacoma, a transplant from Boise, Idaho about 8 years ago when they moved here for college. Nae is a musician/songwriter, crafting supply collector, and bartender/server. In general they enjoy getting to know people, reading, getting crafty, baking, cooking, getting outside, and making stuff. Nae’s aim is to provide a fun and safe space in their chair, and help people feel seen and heard in all the ways they deserve. Let’s chat and get you feeling exactly like YOU. 




Shanna is a new barber in Tacoma, originally hailing from from SoCal she has called Seattle, Tacoma, and now University Place home for over three decades. Shanna obtained her barbering license from Bates Technical College following a stint at Pierce County Planning & Public Works.

Transitioning from hard hats and tool belts to a new professional identity, Shanna sees her barbering tools as an extension of her personality. Having “retired early”, she’s often questioned about her decision to embark on a second career in barbering. For Shanna, the allure of building relationships, boosting others’ confidence, and giving back through volunteering made her pivot to barbering inevitable. To her, haircuts are deeply personal.

Beyond her career, Shanna has found joy in marrying her soulmate and cherishing the company of their two furry companions. Together, they revel in adventures, from exploring the stunning Puget Sound by boat to discovering the treasures of Tacoma.

Shanna is excited to welcome new clients, and looks forward to connecting with you in her barber chair.


The News Tribune

Queer-friendly barber shop in downtown Tacoma to move into new space after lost lease

March 11, 2024

“An LGBTQ-owned and centered barber shop in downtown Tacoma will move into a new space at the Armory next month after its lease was canceled in late February.”



Business Spotlight: The Barber Collective
July 6, 2021

“Meet Georgette Watje, the owner of The Barber Collective in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood and a firm believer that hair is genderless and a form of self expression.”

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