A Point of Clarification

It wasn’t our intention for things to unfold this way, but the situation has changed. Our former barber contractor is no longer with our team. While we genuinely wish all Queer Barbers success and advocate for as many affirming spaces as possible, we do not support or condone poaching, piggybacking, or exploiting the work of others for personal gain.

Consequently, a recent email you may have received from our former contractor does not represent an official communication from our team. We are disappointed that a mass email was sent using our private contact list. Misusing your account information in this way is a violation of your privacy, and we apologize if you were affected (Law Statue – RCW 19.108.010). Actions like these undermine the community building we strive to achieve.

In other news, we are excited to announce that we officially have a new space and will soon introduce a new queer barber! If you or someone you know is a good fit for the role, apply for an open chair.

If you are a client of the former contractor and wish to follow them to their new space organically, we fully support that. This post is not about that.