Um, we got a MERCH SHOP for the shop, y’all!

I don’t even know where to start. I guess at the beginning. A good friend and I were discussing a popular meme that pops up every so often, especially around Pride. The original piece of art was an 1880 political cartoon by Thomas Nast. A skeleton bearing a banner saying ‘communist’ and a burning torch representing ‘anarchy’ bears a scroll with a message about California politics.

Only, on the amended image, the scroll bears the legend ‘Be Gay Do Crime’. Fast forward to a Tweet from 2018 where a passer by saw spray paint on a wall that read “Be Gay, Do Crime.”The tweet took off and the rest is beautiful, gay history. GayStarNews and are good places to catch up on the history of this revolution.

I’ve been stewing on what I want Pride gear to look like. How can I incorporate my Barber business into such a powerful movement? Here we have it 👇

This wouldn’t have come to fruition without the creative and talented brain of @i_eat_pandas . I threw an idea with a couple of descriptors and boom, she blew me away. This piece of art is a reminder to never stop be unapologetically Queer.

Never stop looking out for one another. And always make sure to give yourself grace and a self care day, aka Stay Dapper.

Maybe in the comments tell us what else you’d like to see it on. Riots and Rainbows forever.

***The Dapper Criminal image is not for repost without tagging and crediting its original artist @i_eat_pandas, as well as tagging us, @thebarbercollectivetacoma.

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