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  • TBC in the News Tribune

    TBC in the News Tribune

    TBC is grateful for the recent coverage of our story in The News Tribune. The Barber Collective started in Watje’s garage in 2020 and grew. Currently the shop is housed in the back of The Mill at 515 6th Ave., and opened there in September. In December when the business The Barber Collective was subletting…

  • A Point of Clarification

    A Point of Clarification

    It wasn’t our intention for things to unfold this way, but the situation has changed. Our former barber contractor is no longer with our team. While we genuinely wish all Queer Barbers success and advocate for as many affirming spaces as possible, we do not support or condone poaching, piggybacking, or exploiting the work of…

  • Um, we got a MERCH SHOP for the shop, y’all!

    Um, we got a MERCH SHOP for the shop, y’all!

    I don’t even know where to start. I guess at the beginning. A good friend and I were discussing a popular meme that pops up every so often, especially around Pride. The original piece of art was an 1880 political cartoon by Thomas Nast. A skeleton bearing a banner saying ‘communist’ and a burning torch…

  • Bold Together with OL Reign

    Bold Together with OL Reign

    If someone would’ve told me, way back in 2017, that I would be cutting the hair of two Queer soccer players in my unfinished garage, I would’ve laughed in your face. It all started when Kyllian Perrin came in for a haircut. He was wearing an OL Reign track suit. After the usual intros and…

  • December Sales

    December Sales

    First things first: December deal! It’s my bday month, so if you REFER someone to me, your next cut is 1/2 off! We both get presents!!! So tell your friend where I’m at and have them drop your name when they sit in the chair. Also, don’t forget to hit me up about our Barber…

  • Georgette on R City R Stories

    Georgette on R City R Stories

    I feel absolutely honored to be featured on R City R Stories. They came to me a few months into the pandemic and even though I’m a bit camera shy, I knew I had to get our story out there. Huge shout out to my clients for holding it down for TBC throughout this trying…

  • The Barber Collective Launches

    The Barber Collective Launches

    The Barber Collective of Tacoma is LIVE! Thank you for bearing with us as a continue to grow and develop this site and our business. Be sure to connectwith us on Instagram and Facebook and check back regularly for weekly and monthly deals, as well as updates (because we’re in a pandemic, duh).